NewsLab is an editorial communications agency based in Oslo. We are working to develop content strategies and create great content with our partners. Central to our strategy is the notion of a news desk. It means that we are working, producing and thinking as a digital media company, with a short journey from idea to publication.

Our approach is that content provides wonderful opportunities for small and large brands to reach out to people in a new way, and that the best content has a distinct novelty pulse.

We believe that content provides wonderful opportunities for small and large brands to reach out to people in new ways, and that the best content has news value.

Good news is engaging and created to be shared. When done right, it generates interest and captures people's attention. News always has a better chance to break through the noise on the Internet.

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Den største tekstkunstneren av oss alle! Marius har vunnet språkpriser for skrivingen sin, og har mange års erfaring fra VG og NRK. Interessene ligger innenfor musikk, kultur og reiseliv.

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Snorre is one of the co-founders of NewsLab. He has previously worked at Dagbladet and Telenor.

Snorre is an expert on all things tech-y, and both writes and makes video content on the topic. He is also our go-to person for Facebook-marketing insights.

Roe Hammer
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Kristiane started working at NewsLab in June 2016. She came from the media conglomerate Amedia where she headed their program on content marketing. Before that she was president of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA).

At NewsLab Kristiane is CEO.

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Linn is a text nerd of best kind. She holds a bachelor's degree in media and communications from Oslo University College and a master's degree in journalism from Stockholm University. Prior to joining NewsLab, Linn has worked at several magazines including New, ShapeUp and Cosmopolitan, as well as writing for Dagbladet and Magasinet.

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Sunniva er utdannet tekstforfatter fra Westerdals og har erfaring fra lokalavis i hjembyen Tromsø.

Hun er en allsidig og engasjert innholdsprodusent – og dessuten et vanvittig foosball-talent!

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Jonas er en dyktig videofotograf og sertifisert dronepilot. Han er utdannet fra Westerdals, og har lang erfaring med både redaksjonelt og kommersielt arbeid. Han har blant annet jobbet i Amedia og NRK før han begynte i NewsLab.

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Mikael was the first employee after NewsLab was founded. Previously he's worked at Dagbladet and PressFire.

Mikael is very tech savvy and at NewsLab he writes about technology and popular science, among other things.

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Torgeir has been editor in chief for Norway’s largest student newspaper, Universitas. He has also worked in national newspapers such as Aftenposten, VG and Dagsavisen prior to joining NewsLab.

He is particularly interested in research and literature, and in his spare time he aims to visit 100 of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s cabins.

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Joakim er utdannet fra Volda. Han har en god og allsidig penn, og i tillegg banker hjertet hans for radio; han har jobbet for NRK P1, P2 og Alltid nyheter.

Joakim kan skrive om alt fra IT-systemoppdateringer til sneakers-mote – og det siste der bør du spørre ham om, han har en fin samling selv.

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Stine kom til oss etter fire år i Trigger. Hun har journalistutdanning, og har jobbet i Egmont for Det Nye og Shape up.

Stine er ekspert på skriving og å jobbe strategisk med sosiale medier, og hun er i tillegg kontorets solstråle. Alltid positiv og energisk!

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Harald har utdanning innen foto fra Westerdals og ivrer etter å fange akkurat det riktige bildet, enten det er snakk om stills eller video.

Fun fact: Harald har spilt CS-finale i Telenorligaen. Topp den!

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Joakim is one of the founders of NewsLab. Before founding NewsLab he worked at Dagbladet and Telenor.

Joakim is a great writer and can cover topics as diverse as travel, tech and business leadership. He is also the company's most eager foosball player.

Steffen Pedersen
+47 450 04 446

With experience from working at Aftenposten, Aftenposten Vitenskap and Steffen has a solid background as a journalist, and especially in the field of technology. At NewsLab he is in charge of content management systems for our customers, and when he is not playing around in these systems you're most likely to find him in a river with a fishing rod in his hand.

All our employees are former journalists, drawing on years of experience in creating great content, fast. They all have an eye for good stories, and the ability to convey them in a way that speaks to the desired audience.

We also have lots of experience working with some of the most forward leaning and experimental environments in the media and technology industry, and have a good understanding of the role of technology in storytelling.


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